6 Tips to Prepare for Spring


While March 20th marks the official first day of Spring growing season is already upon us. How can you tell? Buds, blossoms, and blooms. Take a look at your neighborhood. Take a look at your own yard and you’ll notice plants are coming to life. The days are longer and the temperatures are warmer too. Your lawn might be looking fuller, grass blades standing taller, heck you might even be due for a first of the season mowing.

Here in the Elk Grove and greater Sacramento area one would thing we are still in the middle of Winter with the, seemingly, non-stop rains, flooding and the gargantuan amounts of snow in the Tahoe area. Squaw Valley just announced they’d be open for skiing on the 4th of July!

Despite the abundance of rain and snow here in Northern California, temperatures have come off their lows warming the ground temperatures promoting plant growth. So what should you do now?

Here are 6 things you can do for your lawn and landscape in preparation for the full onslaught of growing season:

  1. Mow your lawn – in between rains of course. Let the soil firm up a bit.

  2.  Apply a pre-emergent herbicide in February/March

  3.  Fertilize your lawn in February/March – time it and apply before the next rain

  4.  Check your sprinklers and drip irrigation for any leaks, adjustments, or repairs

  5.  Check with your local water district for current water restrictions/guidelines and plan accordingly

  6.  Schedule your Spring aeration, lawn renovation, or irrigation service needs